KTK 9 (2021-05-29) Season 1
14 players participated in this competition.
Top results
Final positions - Oldies division
1.Mawe82 points
2.swiNg45 points
3.sailorman26 points
4.eizid21 points
5.molgrum21 points
6.Lurq9 points
7.seese25 points
8.raket5 points
Final positions - Freshies division
1.NeFuRii65 points
2.ruskie35 points
3.Unreal20 points
4.super10 points
5.speedy8 points
N/Apiere0 points
Match schedule and results - Oldies division
20:00raket vs molgrumGroupRWILD3-12
20:00eizid vs swiNgGroupRWILD7-22
20:00seese vs sailormanGroupRWILD10-2
20:00Lurq vs MaweGroupRWILDWO-Win
20:20molgrum vs swiNgGroupRWILD5-15
20:20sailorman vs raketGroupRWILD20-1
20:20Mawe vs eizidGroupRWILD11-3
20:20Lurq vs seeseGroupRWILD-1-21
20:40sailorman vs molgrumGroupRWILD12-3
20:40swiNg vs MaweGroupRWILD8-17
20:40raket vs LurqGroupRWILDWO-Win
20:40eizid vs seeseGroupRWILD7-11
21:00molgrum vs MaweGroupRWILD5-23
21:00Lurq vs sailormanGroupRWILD5-32
21:00seese vs swiNgGroupRWILD24-7
21:00eizid vs raketGroupRWILDWin-WO
21:20Lurq vs molgrumGroupRWILD4-12
21:20Mawe vs seeseGroupRWILD13-1
21:20sailorman vs eizidGroupRWILD5-29
21:20swiNg vs raketGroupRWILDWin-WO
21:40molgrum vs seeseGroupRWILDWin-WO
21:40eizid vs LurqGroupRWILD21--1
21:40raket vs MaweGroupRWILDWO-Win
21:40swiNg vs sailormanGroupRWILD13-7
22:00eizid vs molgrumGroupRWILD12-11
22:00seese vs raketGroupRWILDWin-WO
22:00Lurq vs swiNgGroupRWILD8-27
22:00Mawe vs sailormanGroupRWILD19-0
22:10eizid vs sailormanPlayoff - SpotsRWILD1-8
22:10molgrum vs LurqPlayoff - SpotsRWILD9-7
22:30swiNg vs MawePlayoff - FinalRWILD3-14
Match schedule and results - Freshies division
20:00ruskie vs superGroupRWILD11-3
20:00speedy vs piereGroupRWILDWin-WO
20:00Unreal vs NeFuRiiGroupRWILD1-3
20:20super vs piereGroupRWILDWin-WO
20:20NeFuRii vs ruskieGroupRWILD15-5
20:20Unreal vs speedyGroupRWILD6-5
20:40NeFuRii vs superGroupRWILD10-2
20:40piere vs UnrealGroupRWILDWO-Win
20:40ruskie vs speedyGroupRWILD14-0
21:00super vs UnrealGroupRWILD1-4
21:00speedy vs NeFuRiiGroupRWILD8-11
21:00ruskie vs piereGroupRWILDWin-WO
21:20speedy vs superGroupRWILD6-12
21:20Unreal vs ruskieGroupRWILD-2-20
21:20NeFuRii vs piereGroupRWILDWin-WO
22:10Unreal vs superPlayoff - SpotsRWILD11-3
22:10NeFuRii vs ruskiePlayoff - FinalRWILD16-8

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