QKC is back!
About half a year ago, half-way through the third season of the QKC-tourneys the server running this site had a nasty crash and got taken offline. The disk containing the site and database ended up lying beyond my reach until recently. We're now back under the old domain-name so previous links from the QW-forum will work again.

So... whatchasay!? Let's pick it up where it got interupted last time. There's a couple of fresh maps around since last tourney that calls for kickass kenya gibbing action!

Stay tuned for more info and dates about upcoming tourneys.
2021-05-13 | Posted by swiNg
Mid-season break
Heya! The tourney-admins are a bit busy at the moment, so we're having a little break and chilling out meanwhile. I don't know when we're gonna be back with the tourney-action, but it will be announced here and on various other qw-related media.

Tiddles and Dakoth has been working on a couple of brand new maps which looks quite promising. I hope we will get to play them in the upcoming tourneys.
2021-10-10 | Posted by swiNg
Ranking - Switching divisions
Moving players through divisions mid-season was not considered when designing the QKC score system, but now we have made some changes that will make these division switches more fair.

A player is never listed in both division's ranking list now, as he was before from playing matches in both divisions. When someone from the rookies division is promoted to the oldies division, he gets to keep 50% of his points rather than starting out from scratch as before.

Sometimes there isn't enough number of participants to play matches in both divisions. When this is the case, everybody plays in oldies division, but the rookies still get their points for the rookies ranking list.

Fair enough? Message me on IRC if you got suggestions.
2021-09-12 | Posted by swiNg
The introduction of teamplay in QKC tournaments
Season 3 has just begun and this time we are alternating between KTK (1on1) and FTK (FFA), so scores from both tourney-types are merged into the same ranking list.

Another new thing is Molgrum and torben's upcoming 2on2 tourney called Double Sunday Kenya (DSK). It's going to be played on sundays obviously and it will have an own season which is running parallel to season 3. This is the first time we play a teamplay tourney here on QKC.

Players has requested this tourney for some time now, so let's hope it will get enough interrest to keep up the gibbing throughout the whole season.
2021-09-06 | Posted by swiNg
Some numbers
We have played 20 tourneys in the first 2 seasons in QKC. 312 participants has made 45475 frags in 616 matches.

So far, only 15 players voted in the FFA jawnmode poll in their profile. 8 for jawnmode and 7 against. We got 43 maps in the archive and 128 comments about them.

Happy gibbing in Season 3!
2021-08-22 | Posted by swiNg
Season 2 is over!
In 10 weeks, 10 great FFA tourneys has been played. The Quakeworld community has been unusually active this summer compared to most other summers when the players rather like to chill out on the beach, or do whatever they do before spending time indoors by the computer.

Big thanks to all the mappers, supporting us with great maps for great fun. Now we will have a short break before we jump on the next season, in which we will be playing both 1on1 and FFA.
2021-08-16 | Posted by swiNg
Do you like jawnmode?
Jawnmode is a few tweaks to promote additional skills and remove randomness that negates existing skills.

QKC tournaments will be played with jawnmode if the majority of the participating players in each tourney wants it, so please login and go to your profile page to vote for/against jawnmode. It's up to you!
2021-07-01 | Posted by swiNg
Premiere season finished!
Big thanks to the players that has been participating in the tourneys, and everybody that has helped out with this project during the premiere season. Please take some time to rate and comment the maps that you have played. It will be a nice place for the mappers to get feedback from the players.

During the summer we will have Free Thursday Kenya running. It's a FFA tourney that will take less effort to administrate and play, so that should be nice for the summer.
2021-06-05 | Posted by swiNg

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