Free Tueday Kenya (FTK)
Who has got the best tacics and skills to make it all the way to the top? Fast action and lots and lots of frags in these 20 minutes FFA games with your true kenya buddies.
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Mode:DMM3 - FFA
Timelimit:15 minutes
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General schedule and info

FTK is played on thursdays once a week or every other week. Each division plays 2 rounds of 20 minutes each. Everybody plays both rounds, frags are added and whoever gets the most frags in total wins.

After each tourney there is a discussion about forthcoming maps. Sometimes the next map is chosen by admin. There may also be a voting poll among the best map candidades. Signing up and map voting is done at the forum, so everyone with a registered account is welcome to participate and vote.

The map is decided one week before the tourney, so everyone will have a week to get to know the map before the competition.
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