King of Thursday Kenya (KTK)
Put your duelling skills on display and battle it out one on one.
Game settings

Mode:    DMM3 - 1on1
Timelimit:    10 minutes
Overtime:    Sudden death
Powerups:    Off
Tourney admin

General schedule and info

This tourney will run on thursdays once a week or every other week. After each tourney there is a discussion about forthcoming maps. Sometimes the next map in KTK is chosen by admin. There may also be a voting poll among the best map candidades.

Signing up and map voting is done at the forum, so everyone with a registered account is welcome to participate and vote.

The map is decided one week before the tourney, so everyone will have a week to get to know the map before the competition. Signup is usually closed one or two days before the tourney.
Forum community with signups and map voting

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