Double Sunday Kenya (DSK)
Team up with a friend for some 2on2 action on kenya maps. The premiere of teamplay in QKC tournaments.
Game settings

Mode:DMM3 - 2on2
Timelimit:10 minutes
Overtime:3 minutes
Airstep:Enabled (able to jump up strair)
Jawnmode:Enabled (includes fallbunny and fairpacks)
Powerups:On (only if the map has quad)
Tourney admins

General schedule

DSK is played on sundays once a week or every other week. The timeline will start at 20.00 CET and go on until we are finished (hopefully not later than 23 CET). You'll first play two times vs each team in you division at scheduled times that will come up just before the tournament is about to start. Then the two leading teams will fight for the crown in a big final!

In the case of more than or equal to 3 teams per division, you'll signup and either specify a mate that will also have to signup and be associated with your team, or you signup by yourself and you can teamup before the game with someone else. We will assign mix teams for those without mates so they get to play as well. The division system with oldies and rookies remain here.

In the case of less than 3 teams per division, we mix up all the players in one big division. One oldie and one rookie in each team are randomly chosen.

The teams once formed will remain throughout the whole season, you cannot change teams until the next season. You will collect points only for your team, and the ranking is team-based (you'll get scores by teamplay, not by individual ownage).

You'll pick servers yourselves to get a fair ping. If you can't agree on a server, an admin will pick it for you and possibly enforce minping.
Forum community with signups
IRC channel

#kenya on QuakeNet

Always be on this channel 30 minutes before your games so you can be informed about the games as well as ask questions to the admins!

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