Welcome to Quakeworld Kenya Collective
QKC is a collective assembled to promote and play custom multiplayer maps (sometimes referred to as kenya maps) in Quakeworld. QKC holds a series of mini-tournaments that runs on a regular schedule. Each last only a couple of hours in one evening, so it's played at a fast pace and only at one map that is predecided for each tourney.

The purpose of these mini-tourneys is to give the players better opportunities to try out and play maps that's generally not played much otherwise.

Sounds fun? Join up and have a blast, playing kenya maps!
Read more about our specific tournaments on the following links: KTK FTK DSK
QKC is back!
About half a year ago, half-way through the third season of the QKC-tourneys the server running this site had a nasty crash and got taken offline. The disk containing the site and database ended up lying beyond my reach until recently. We're now back under the old domain-name so previous links from the QW-forum will work again.

So... whatchasay!? Let's pick it up where it got interupted last time. There's a couple of fresh maps around since last tourney that calls for kickass kenya gibbing action!

Stay tuned for more info and dates about upcoming tourneys.
2021-05-13 | Posted by swiNg
Crew and contact info

zappaterNewscholl tourney admin
swiNgFounder, Site admin
sassaFounder, Tourney admin
VioFounder, Kickass mapper
molgrumJawnmode developer, tourney and map archive admin
torbenTourney admin, rookie extraordinaire

We can usually be found in the official QKC IRC-channel,
#kenya on Quakenet.
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