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Nick:    molgrum
Remark:    Jawnmode developer, tourney and map archive admin
Last login:    2021-12-30
Jawnmode:    Hell yea
History overview

Finished 9/22 IN KTK 1 Oldies at VDM3Season 12022-03-1349 points
Participated IN KTK 2 Oldies at ZTNDM4 (WO)Season 12022-03-270 points
Finished 7/19 IN KTK 4 Oldies at CATWALK2Season 12022-04-1753 points
Finished 9/11 IN KTK 5 Oldies at ZTNDM6Season 12022-04-2422 points
Third in KTK 6 Oldies at 3EBLUEBETASeason 12021-05-0822 points
Finished 4/6 IN KTK 7 Oldies at HATESeason 12021-05-1511 points
Finished 5/8 IN KTK 9 Oldies at RWILDSeason 12021-05-2921 points
Finished 6/6 IN KTK 10 Oldies at SKULLSeason 12021-06-0511 points
Finished 7/8 IN FTK 3 Oldies at GENOCIDESeason 22021-06-2835 points
Finished 7/10 IN FTK 6 Oldies at FOURSeason 22021-07-1929 points
Finished 4/10 IN FTK 7 Oldies at PDM18Season 22021-07-2635 points
Winner of FTK 9 Oldies at HOOKSeason 22021-08-1060 points
Finished 6/7 IN KTK 11 Oldies at SACREDB1Season 32021-08-3012 points
Finished 5/8 IN FTK 13 Oldies at DM4ISHSeason 32021-11-1535 points
Match details

KTK 1 Oldies (2022-03-13)
19:00molgrum vs xenicGroupVDM314-15
19:15molgrum vs DrugsbunnyGroupVDM316-26
19:30molgrum vs swiNgGroupVDM31-59
20:30molgrum vs B1azeGroupVDM39-31
20:45molgrum vs cukyGroupVDM3Win-WO
21:00molgrum vs Defcon 5GroupVDM3Win-WO
21:15molgrum vs cyrGroupVDM312-22
21:30molgrum vs ruskieGroupVDM3Win-WO
21:45molgrum vs errorGroupVDM311-30
22:00molgrum vs PeppeGroupVDM3Win-WO
KTK 2 Oldies (2022-03-27)
19:00molgrum vs piereGroup AZTNDM4WO-Win
19:20molgrum vs MuraGroup AZTNDM4WO-Win
19:40molgrum vs witkaGroup AZTNDM4WO-Win
20:30molgrum vs pierePlayoff - QuarterZTNDM4WO-Win
KTK 4 Oldies (2022-04-17)
-molgrum vs xprCATWALK2Win-WO
-molgrum vs ago_OCATWALK2Win-WO
19:00molgrum vs JukkaGroup BCATWALK237-56
19:20molgrum vs ElguapoGroup BCATWALK247-41
20:00molgrum vs EmpezarGroup BCATWALK287-20
20:40molgrum vs razorGroup BCATWALK222-42
22:40molgrum vs nopeePlayoff - Spots
23:20molgrum vs sailormanPlayoff - SpotsCATWALK245-38
KTK 5 Oldies (2022-04-24)
18:20molgrum vs sailormanGroupZTNDM620-12
18:35molgrum vs VVDGroupZTNDM65-18
18:50molgrum vs xprGroupZTNDM611-34
19:05molgrum vs B1azeGroupZTNDM63-37
19:20molgrum vs UnrealGroupZTNDM615-1
20:00molgrum vs mooyPlayoff - SpotsZTNDM657--2
KTK 6 Oldies (2021-05-08)
20:00molgrum vs fxGroup3EBLUEBETA51-1
20:20molgrum vs Defcon 5Group3EBLUEBETA45-14
20:40molgrum vs somaGroup3EBLUEBETA42-7
21:00molgrum vs tGMGroup3EBLUEBETA17-21
21:20molgrum vs swiNgGroup3EBLUEBETA14-37
22:30molgrum vs somaPlayoff - Spots3EBLUEBETA40-10
KTK 7 Oldies (2021-05-15)
20:00molgrum vs WillgurhtGroupHATE22-12
20:20molgrum vs Defcon 5GroupHATE19-8
20:40molgrum vs tGMGroupHATE13-19
21:00molgrum vs swiNgGroupHATE13-33
21:20molgrum vs d2.cpeGroupHATE12-25
22:40molgrum vs d2.cpePlayoff - SpotsHATE19-21
KTK 9 Oldies (2021-05-29)
20:00molgrum vs raketGroupRWILD12-3
20:20molgrum vs swiNgGroupRWILD5-15
20:40molgrum vs sailormanGroupRWILD3-12
21:00molgrum vs MaweGroupRWILD5-23
21:20molgrum vs LurqGroupRWILD12-4
21:40molgrum vs seeseGroupRWILDWin-WO
22:00molgrum vs eizidGroupRWILD11-12
22:10molgrum vs LurqPlayoff - SpotsRWILD9-7
KTK 10 Oldies (2021-06-05)
20:20molgrum vs godis!GroupSKULLWO-Win
20:40molgrum vs swiNgGroupSKULL2-34
21:00molgrum vs ElguapoGroupSKULLWin-WO
21:20molgrum vs nopeeGroupSKULL10-14
21:40molgrum vs sailormanGroupSKULL12-15
22:00molgrum vs MuraGroupSKULLWin-WO
22:20molgrum vs xprGroupSKULL5-46
KTK 11 Oldies (2021-08-30)
21:00molgrum vs reppieGroupSACREDB14-24
21:15molgrum vs razorGroupSACREDB114-16
21:30molgrum vs bentGroupSACREDB117-13
21:45molgrum vs mazerGroupSACREDB116-22
22:00molgrum vs B1azeGroupSACREDB17-15
22:15molgrum vs fixGroupSACREDB1Win-WO
22:45molgrum vs bentPlayoff - SpotsSACREDB16-15

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