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History overview

Second in KTK 1 Oldies at VDM3Season 12022-03-13135 points
Finished 8/14 IN KTK 2 Oldies at ZTNDM4Season 12022-03-2712 points
Third in KTK 3 Oldies at DADSeason 12022-04-1052 points
Second in KTK 4 Oldies at CATWALK2Season 12022-04-1792 points
Second in KTK 5 Oldies at ZTNDM6Season 12022-04-2447 points
Winner of KTK 6 Oldies at 3EBLUEBETASeason 12021-05-0868 points
Winner of KTK 7 Oldies at HATESeason 12021-05-1568 points
Second in KTK 8 Oldies at BLESSEDSeason 12021-05-2253 points
Second in KTK 9 Oldies at RWILDSeason 12021-05-2945 points
Second in KTK 10 Oldies at SKULLSeason 12021-06-0543 points
Finished 6/7 IN FTK 1 Oldies at Q3DM6QWSeason 22021-06-1424 points
Winner of FTK 2 Oldies at SHINESeason 22021-06-21115 points
Hit 150 frags in a match in FTK 2 Oldies at SHINESeason 22021-06-215 points
Hit 150 frags in a match in FTK 2 Oldies at SHINESeason 22021-06-215 points
Second in FTK 5 Oldies at DEL1Season 22021-07-12109 points
Winner of FTK 7 Oldies at PDM18Season 22021-07-26103 points
Winner of FTK 8 Oldies at LADYSeason 22021-08-0274 points
Finished 5/6 IN FTK 9 Oldies at HOOKSeason 22021-08-1022 points
Winner of FTK 10 Oldies at DMZ1++Season 22021-08-1680 points
Second in FTK 11 Oldies at QTDM3Season 32021-09-0653 points
Second in KTK 12 Oldies at FMCSeason 32021-09-1329 points
Second in FTK 12 Oldies at BSDM6Season 32021-09-2045 points
Winner of FTK 13 Oldies at DM4ISHSeason 32021-11-1577 points
Match details

KTK 1 Oldies (2022-03-13)
19:00swiNg vs DrugsbunnyGroupVDM343-9
19:15swiNg vs cyrGroupVDM342--7
19:30swiNg vs molgrumGroupVDM359-1
19:45swiNg vs ruskieGroupVDM357--4
20:45swiNg vs errorGroupVDM325-9
21:00swiNg vs B1azeGroupVDM330-16
21:15swiNg vs PeppeGroupVDM3Win-WO
21:30swiNg vs cukyGroupVDM3Win-WO
21:45swiNg vs xenicGroupVDM343--1
22:00swiNg vs Defcon 5GroupVDM3Win-WO
23:00swiNg vs seesePlayoff - FinalVDM315-19
KTK 2 Oldies (2022-03-27)
19:00swiNg vs amOKchenGroup BZTNDM427-5
19:20swiNg vs nopeeGroup BZTNDM410-17
19:40swiNg vs razorGroup BZTNDM49-11
20:30swiNg vs xprPlayoff - QuarterZTNDM414-23
KTK 3 Oldies (2022-04-10)
19:00swiNg vs foeGroup BDAD33-0
19:20swiNg vs sailormanGroup BDAD21-10
19:40swiNg vs edvinGroup BDAD14-12
21:00swiNg vs spiritGroup BDAD57-0
21:20swiNg vs ZaqGroup BDAD16-8
21:40swiNg vs MaweGroup BDAD6-21
22:20swiNg vs seesePlayoff - SpotsDADWin-WO
KTK 4 Oldies (2022-04-17)
19:00swiNg vs amOKchenGroup CCATWALK281-5
19:20swiNg vs PutteGroup CCATWALK250-8
19:40swiNg vs sailormanGroup CCATWALK248-24
20:20swiNg vs ruskieGroup CCATWALK278-4
20:40swiNg vs torbenGroup CCATWALK276-3
21:00swiNg vs LocKtarGroup CCATWALK235-31
23:00swiNg vs MillePlayoff - SpotsCATWALK220-56
23:20swiNg vs JukkaPlayoff - SpotsCATWALK252-43
KTK 5 Oldies (2022-04-24)
18:35swiNg vs mooyGroupZTNDM674--1
18:50swiNg vs torbenGroupZTNDM655-0
19:05swiNg vs KipGroupZTNDM637-4
19:20swiNg vs MilleGroupZTNDM627-16
20:15swiNg vs B1azePlayoff - FinalZTNDM65-24
KTK 6 Oldies (2021-05-08)
20:00swiNg vs somaGroup3EBLUEBETA33-14
20:20swiNg vs fxGroup3EBLUEBETAWin-WO
20:40swiNg vs tGMGroup3EBLUEBETA30-12
21:00swiNg vs Defcon 5Group3EBLUEBETA52-1
21:20swiNg vs molgrumGroup3EBLUEBETA37-14
23:15swiNg vs tGMPlayoff - Final3EBLUEBETA49-3
KTK 7 Oldies (2021-05-15)
20:00swiNg vs Defcon 5GroupHATE33-0
20:20swiNg vs d2.cpeGroupHATE41-11
20:40swiNg vs WillgurhtGroupHATE56-1
21:00swiNg vs molgrumGroupHATE33-13
21:20swiNg vs tGMGroupHATE16-14
23:20swiNg vs tGMPlayoff - FinalHATE26-4
KTK 8 Oldies (2021-05-22)
20:00swiNg vs WillgurhtGroupBLESSED36-18
20:20swiNg vs ApollyonGroupBLESSED54-0
20:40swiNg vs sailormanGroupBLESSED41-5
21:00swiNg vs d2.cpeGroupBLESSED53-17
21:20swiNg vs inertiaGroupBLESSEDWin-WO
21:40swiNg vs eizidGroupBLESSED28-14
22:00swiNg vs MaweGroupBLESSED24-20
23:20swiNg vs MawePlayoff - FinalBLESSED7-31
KTK 9 Oldies (2021-05-29)
20:00swiNg vs eizidGroupRWILD22-7
20:20swiNg vs molgrumGroupRWILD15-5
20:40swiNg vs MaweGroupRWILD8-17
21:00swiNg vs seeseGroupRWILD7-24
21:20swiNg vs raketGroupRWILDWin-WO
21:40swiNg vs sailormanGroupRWILD13-7
22:00swiNg vs LurqGroupRWILD27-8
22:30swiNg vs MawePlayoff - FinalRWILD3-14
KTK 10 Oldies (2021-06-05)
20:20swiNg vs sailormanGroupSKULL26-5
20:40swiNg vs molgrumGroupSKULL34-2
21:00swiNg vs MuraGroupSKULLWin-WO
21:20swiNg vs ElguapoGroupSKULLWin-WO
21:40swiNg vs xprGroupSKULL9-26
22:00swiNg vs nopeeGroupSKULL47-0
22:20swiNg vs godis!GroupSKULL41--3
23:00swiNg vs xprPlayoff - FinalSKULL8-20
KTK 12 Oldies (2021-09-13)
20:00swiNg vs phrenicGroupFMC9-13
20:20swiNg vs dakothGroupFMC28-4
20:40swiNg vs bentGroupFMC28-10
21:10swiNg vs phrenicPlayoff - FinalFMC19-12

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