Fast forward vs first
28/08 2001

serie 1 @ dm3

Our third game this day vs the swedish ctf/ca clan first.
'First' got their teamwork straightned up a bit this serie imho. Raping me really bad at ra in the beginning of round 2, and winning their first round so far in round 3.


serie 2 @ dm3

These reports might be a lil' ego-centric from my pov. But I haven't seen any demos from the others, so im writing this stuff after watching my own demos.
This was the serie where the gibbing wasn't too one-sided. I thought my 'madskill airgib' early in round 7 would put them off a bit :o) ...but they somehow owned us quite comfortable in a round that seemed like ffa.
Round 8 ras quite cool, with joi left low-helthed to 1on1 mara. mara standing beetween ya and quad-ledge, waiting for some joi around the corner. joi went to window and started rj/bunnyjumping down high bridge and up to ya to put an rocket up mara's ass. nice hit indeed, but mara was kind'a healthy so he turned around and quickly shafted joi to death.
Another round, and we won this serie by 7-2.

Thanks for the games 'First', we really onjoyed it. ggs!


swiNg's pov