Fast forward vs first
28/08 2001

serie 1 @ dm3

Our second game this day vs the swedish ctf/ca clan first.
Holding on to our rape tactics, we were able to win even this one by all rounds.
Forth round was a thriller tho, with me left all alone, along with 3 enemys. ...manage to gib the first dood, then when I was all out of rockets, sneaking around killing the remaining 2 by shaft.
Pay attention to my special treatment of Caveron in round 2 :o)


serie 2 @ dm3

In round 4 this serie, gathering point was at water. ...running from hill, I see all my teamies going to water via window. I start a 1on1 on lower bridge, shafting him into water, comfortable jumping after with a grin, expecting to have a bunch of teamies in there helping me out, but seems like they thought the water was too cold for them or something. Im ending up alone, missing all my rockets & getting bitch slapped by seque :P pld m8. But have no fear ffwd'ers, with joi making an excellent effort saving the team, making another 7-0 rounds win :)


swiNg's pov