Files / demos

Name Description dl
ca server 1.52_d this is the latest ca server mod + a descent cfg.
Final arena 1.2 client rocket arena client pak, 46 maps + sounds.
Final arena 1.2 server rocket arena server progs.
GameSpy 3d the original everlasting game server browsers.
modified qw gfx.wad put this file into ur qw\ subdir for some cool gfx
More quakeworld an improved qw client.
Online Quake Name Maker 4 the easiest way to create names for quake.
PS2Rate ps2 mouse rate overclocker for windows 95/98.
Qizmo 2.91 the #1 qw proxy to use. use this to play qwz demos
Qplug browser plugin netscape and internet explorer quake server plugin
Qw client 2.30 latest official release of the qw client [incl. gl
Qw client/server 2.33-0005 additional test release as an upgrade from qw 2.30
Qw server 2.30 latest official release of the qw server.
The All-Seeing Eye a kickass game server browser.